IID Architects







Richard Lee Primary School

Location Coventry

Client EFA

Contractor Wates

Completed 2015

Value £4.6M



Under the PSBP framework and working on a rapid programme of 6 weeks of engagement sessions with the school, EFA and their technical advisors, IID developed a full planning application package for submission to Coventry City Council for Richard Lee Primary School, followed by a fast track construction programme with Wates.


On a steeply sloping site and with an attached Children's Centre, Richard Lee had been branded one of the worst condition Primary Schools in the country - with images in the national press of pupils in classrooms with umbrellas up when it rained! However, the PSBP funding had little scope for additional money for abnormals so 3D modelling was used extensively to identify the most cost effective location to build the replacement school on the site. This involved a small element of initial demolition - but managed to avoid the need for costly temporary accommodation due to the school being understandably under-subscribed.