IID Architects







St. Catherine's School Anniversary Halls

Location Bramley, Surrey

Client St. Catherine's School

Contractor Feltham Construction

Completed 2011

Value £15M



The new performing arts centre at St. Catherine's comprises a multi purpose performance hall capable of seating 380 people, drama studio, scenery workshop, four music practice rooms, an ensemble room, a recording studio plus associated administrative facilities.


The development includes a combined heat and power plant to provide heating and hot water as a bi-product of the heat generation required for the adjacent swimming pool.


The building won the People's Choice Award at the 2013 Waverley Design Awards.


"The independent sector has been engaged in something of a building arms race as schools vie to show that they are investing in the future.  St Cats' new £15M Anniversary Hall is the most impressive new building I've yet seen on my rounds for School House.  Throughout it's the attention to detail that impresses."


Roger Tredre, School House Magazine