IID Architects







Wyken Croft Primary School

Location Coventry

Client EFA

Contractor Wates

Completed 2014

Value £5.2M



Under the PSBP framework and working on a rapid programme of 6 weeks of engagement sessions with the school, EFA and their technical advisors, IID developed a full planning application package for submission to Coventry City Council for Wyken Croft Primary School, followed by a fast track construction programme with Wates.


At Wyken Croft, IID managed to design a new 2 storey 4FE Primary School with an integrated privately run Nursery, so as to fit onto the site without costly temporary accommodation or up-front asbestos removal, alongside the existing school.


Once the new building was completed and the School and Nursery moved into their new accommodation, the original CLASP system school was demolished and new playground areas and landscaping provided.