We turn open conversations into great ideas, and great ideas into joyful buildings.

Haberdashers’ Boys’ Prep School
Reed’s Bridgeman Extension
Reed's School Bridgeman Building
Wimbledon High School Sixth Form & Hall

“I have worked with IID for 20 years and I have been full of admiration for your design skills and work ethic. I always say that you are Architects with a capital ‘A’.”

Brian Dale, Reed’s School


We are excellent all-rounders, skilled designers, focused, practical and a delight to work with


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Simon Tupper


The first of our home-grown Directors, with IID since 1986, Simon has a phenomenal capacity for work. His design sense is engaging and eclectic, based on a profound love of turn of the century Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and modernism.

He brings a wealth of experience to project work having experienced all the high spots …… and the lows.  If you want calm effective leadership with a can-do attitude to the daily vicissitudes of construction, he’s your architect.

He loves all kinds of music, classical and pop. His laid-back exterior conceals a highly competitive inner core which manifests itself mainly in Fantasy Football.

Simon Tupper - Director

Stephen Smith

Project Architect

Having previously worked on residential and educational buildings, Stephen has developed a specialist expertise in design for the disabled. He is particularly adept at dealing with complex and demanding large scale projects and working closely with contractors to ensure a comprehensive and timely flow of information.  He brings a composed and measured approach and does not let go until every detail is resolved – a marvellously safe pair of hands.

Another talented musician, he plays the clarinet and saxophone, enjoys baking and was also a member of Nottingham City Rowing Club.

Stephen Smith – Project Architect

Helen Whateley


Having attended a lecture by one of our Directors, Helen asked to visit the office to find out more about us.  She made an amazing impression and was offered a job after spending the day with us.  Her many gifts include an incisive mind and a persuasive (see above) and tenacious nature, qualities which are invaluable in so many of our projects.

One of our sportier members of staff, Helen enjoys skiing, tennis and the terrifying game of lacrosse.  As well as being a ski-instructor in Canada, she was Lacrosse Captain at Bath and a Lacrosse Counsellor at Tripp Lake Camp, Maine USA – the latter job title supplying the proof, if proof were needed, that lacrosse is not a sport to be undertaken lightly.

Helen Whateley - Associate

Richard Matthews


Another home-grown Director, Rick has always been interested in the development of the practice’s IT systems and was responsible for championing its move into Revit 3D modelling before the rest of the world and Autodesk caught on.

He has extensive experience in the education sector (state and private) and takes a very methodical and logical approach to resolving the knottiest of design issues. He brings a highly developed technical awareness and keen design eye to the practice and the projects he runs.

Beyond the office, he enjoys classic cars and motorbikes (driving and fixing) and all forms of motorsport. He’s also trying to stay fit with a mixture of swimming, squash, paddle boarding and Ceroc dancing and regularly does a parkrun on a Saturday morning.

Richard Matthews - Director

David Moore


David did his first stint with us in 1998 before setting off around the world with his future wife for an extended break. He returned to IID in 2007 after working in the hospital design sector for several years, bringing a wealth of technical and management skills which combine with a very responsive and supportive approach to running projects. His carefully reflective manner and skill at defusing complications or obstacles on site are invaluable.

He has three sons, is sports and cycling mad and a regular visitor to Brentford FC.

David Moore - Associate

Gareth Box


After a BA in English at Manchester, Gareth worked in advertising and teaching before retraining as an architect, having initially fought the family trend (father, mother and grandfather were all architects).

Gareth thrives on client collaboration and has experience of a range of school and community projects, often resulting in long-term building development plans. He takes the time to assess all the possibilities open to a client and helps you to rework and refine your ideas to reach the best decision for the school.  A broader background in the arts has given him the ability to step back and see the wider picture.

His passion is music, and he enjoys playing in a band when he gets the chance.

Gareth Box - Director

David Brown


David has been involved in IID since he was 15 years old, starting off by producing immaculate models for the practice. He joined IID full time in 2005 having completed his degree in furniture design and has since developed and directed our 3D capability in BIM.  This combined with his keen design eye brings a formidable combination to project work.

When time away from his two young daughters allows, he enjoys beating Simon at Fantasy Football.

David Brown - Director

Anna Gillies


In addition to her role as Associate at IID, Anna is a tutor at the University of Westminster, assisting graduates in achieving their Part III qualification. This suits her interest in professional practice and law and an ability to communicate clearly and effectively. She takes a holistic approach to her projects and brings careful attention to every single detail, from first concepts through to construction and delivery of the furniture and interior design.

Anna is a keen cyclist and is a passionate gardener, loving all things green. This hobby extends to the IID studio where she cares for our greenery and is often nurturing a propagation project to expand our indoor collection.

Anna Gillies - Associate

Anya Heath

Architectural Assistant

Anya completed her BArch and March at the University of Nottingham where she worked as a Design Studio Tutor to first year architecture students. Moving onto a Cambridge architectural practice, she worked on a range of projects including residential, educational, and listed buildings for Cambridge University. She brings a serene thoughtful approach to her work and has taken a particular interest in how buildings are used by IID’s clients and post occupancy evaluations.

Outside work Anya is a karate black belt and has taught children and adults of all ages. She also enjoys life drawing classes.

Anya Heath - Architectural Assistant

Shadi Al-Begain

BIM Coordinator/Architectural Designer

Following graduation from his MArch Shadi embarked on a course in architectural visualisation which led to privately commissioned work as well as being key to his current role as architectural assistant here.  He is keen to bring the latest technical advances to the practice, improving 3D design processes by making them more cost effective and time efficient both for us and our clients.  He is adept at mentoring colleagues and sharing his extensive knowledge.

Shadi is also interested in DIY, craft, modelmaking and photography.

Shadi Al-Begain - Architectural Assistant

Maria Iliopoulou


Maria brings considerable experience in working on residential and mixed-use developments including many extensions and conversions to existing buildings both in the UK and Greece.  Her precise and detailed approach to delicate planning situations led to success in several appeals and she is adept at dealing with statutory authorities.

Maria was a volunteer with the National Theatre of Rhodes Island and helped with the proposals for renovation.  She also enjoys architectural and still life drawing.

Maria Iliopoulou - Architectural Assistant

Sarah Broadhurst

Architectural Designer

Sarah has joined us from Edinburgh where she worked predominantly in the residential sector running small scale projects from beginning to end – a baptism of fire for a young architectural assistant.  Her Master’s project looked at how to protect Orkney’s Neolithic monuments from the depredations of mass tourism using virtual reality and physical recreation of the sites at sea.  It was exhibited at the RSA New Contemporaries in 2020 at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture in Edinburgh.

Sarah was a keen member of the Edinburgh Athletics Club, her main event being hammer throwing and competed in the Scottish Women’s Athletic League, National Senior Championships and the Scottish Hammer Grand Prix.

Sarah Broadhurst – Architectural Assistant

Linda Avery

Practice Administrator

Linda joined us in September 2011 after taking a career break to bring up her children.  She previously worked for Shell International undertaking a range of roles in recruitment and marketing.

Linda has travelled widely and is a keen gardener. She is an avid supporter of, and taxi driver for, two extremely talented daughters who excel at cricket and kayaking and compete all over the country.  Her role with IID is Practice Administrator and PA to the Directors.

Linda Avery - Practice Administrator

Carole Tupper

Practice Manager

Carole joined IID in 2002 and is our Practice Manager, a role which embraces the pursuit of everything administrative including payroll, third party accreditations, contracts, HR and other essential paperwork that architects will do almost anything to avoid. She is a qualified and experienced solicitor but rarely uses this as a threat to get things done.

Outside the office she enjoys dance, the arts generally and is learning the piano – for no good reason that anyone can ascertain as she refuses to play in public.

Carole Tupper - Practice Manager

Susan Matthews

Financial Manager

Susan joined IID in October 2012, overlapping with her predecessor before taking over as our Financial Manager in January 2013.  Her previous training and experience as a Ward Sister and Outpatient Department Manager in the NHS were perhaps an unlikely background for a financial role, but she has proven an impeccable organiser and manager of our cash flow.

Alongside bringing up her two girls, she is a talented violin and viola player and performs regularly with the Kingston Chamber Orchestra. She also paints with a local art group, has taken up Ceroc dancing and loves driving classic cars and scouring antiques fairs for hidden gems.

Susan Matthews - Financial Manager

Nick Rich


Nick has amassed a significant range of project experience in state and private sectors and remains calm and considered amid busy complex projects.  He can step back from the daily buzz and keep an eye on how everything will fit together, resulting in spaces that feel effortless and full of flow.  He makes sure the right questions are asked at the right time and will pull together reams of information into a coherent set of client instructions.

In his spare time, and when his two boys allow, he enjoys photography and cycling and can occasionally fit in a stage of the Tour de France.

Nick Rich - Director