Helen Whateley - Project Architect

Helen joined IID in July 2013 having completed her BSc Hons at the University of Bath and MArchD at the Oxford School of Architecture. Since joining she has expanded her educational experience with work on a drama and sixth form facility at Sir William Perkins’s School, a master plan development at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford and a classroom extension at Tiffin School. She gained her Part III qualification with IID in 2015 and is now a fully qualified architect.

One of our sportier members of staff, Helen enjoys skiing, tennis and the terrifying game of lacrosse.  As well as being a ski-instructor in Canada, she was Lacrosse Captain at Bath and a Lacrosse Counsellor at Tripp Lake Camp, Maine USA – the latter job title supplying the proof, if proof were needed, that lacrosse is not a sport to be undertaken lightly.